Christmas is coming !

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Noble Fir

Noble Fir is by far the most popular tree of all sold. Its branches are layered in shape, and much stronger than most Christmas trees. It is not only easy for decoration, but also attractive with its loving green color and its wonderful smell. Just bring it home to enjoy your joyful season!

We guarantee all trees are nice and imported from U.S.A.

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Fraser Fir

Nationwide, the Fraser Fir is quickly becoming one of the more popular trees! Its growing popularity is due to its silver green color, layered body, soft plump needles (1/2"), strong branches, and strong evergreen fragrance. Not too sharp, not too soft, just right!

We guarantee all trees are nice and imported from U.S.A.

Douglas Fir

The Douglas Fir is considered the "classic" Christmas tree. For decades, the Douglas Fir has been the most popular tree in American households. While the branches remain hearty, this Fir is a full-bodied tree with soft pliable needles (3/4"-1"). Most people will remember this tree from their childhood. Even with limited decorating, this tree is sure to add beauty and grace to your holiday home!

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Tree Stand

Plastic Stand

   We provide you the tree stand for FREE. It is so convenient for you that we would pick it up with the tree after Christmas.

Steel Stand


Our wreaths are hand crafted and made by long-lasting noble fir boughs, and then accent its silvery bluegreen palette with the golden hues of fragrant cedar, select pine cones from a variety of species, and delightfully aromatic juniper berries.

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2 colors of poinsettias including red and white are available now. Enjoy the Christmas with the colorful poinsettias.

How To Care For…

...Your Fresh Christmas Tree?

To maintain freshness and fragrance follow the simple steps:

1.  Cut one to two inches off trunk (We would have done this step just before delivery, so you need not to do it).

2.  Place in warm water (for the 1st time) at once.

3.  If the tree is not going into the house immediately, store in a cool, shady place sheltered from wind and direct sunlight.

4.  Check the water level daily. Add water into the tank of the tree stand when the water level goes down.

5.  Spray water as much as you can to the needles daily to keep it fresh.

6.  Place your tree away from all heat sources including direct sunlight through a window, fireplaces, woodstoves and heat vents.

7.  Ensure lights do not have cracked sockets or frayed cords.

8.  Always turn your tree lights off when leaving home or going to sleep.

...Your Fresh Wreath?

To maintain freshness and fragrance follow the simple steps:

1.  Spray water as much as you can to the needles daily.

2.  Hang it in a cool, shady place sheltered from wind and direct sunlight. 

...Your Fresh Poinsettia?

To maintain freshness follow the simple steps:

1.  It can be lasting for a longer time if you put it at outdoor; or putting it at a place where is in good ventilation and under sunshine, but not under heavy sunshine.

2.  Water it daily (approx. 2 glasses of water for 9” pot; approx. 3/4 glasses of water for 13cm pot everyday).

Chinese New Year 農曆新年

Chinese New Year is the most important time of the year for Chinese - no matter where they are around the world. Flowers have special significance at Chinese New Year. The Chinese believe that if flowers bloom well, they will bring good luck and success. Business people always buy a branch of flowering plum that looks like it will bloom well to ensure that they will have a prosperous year. The most auspicious flowers are peach blossom, kumquat plants and peonies. narcissi (water lily), chrysanthemums, dahlias and azaleas are also popular.

Peach Blossom 桃花

Peach blossom is the most auspicious of all symbolising long life, growth, prosperity and romance.Single people buy peach blossoms to bring them romance in the coming year. Should your peach blossom bloom during the New Year celebrations, it is a sure sign that the year ahead will be one of good fortune.

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Kumquat 四季桔
In Chinese, the kuquat is called Kam Gat Shu. The word Kam sounds like the Chinese word for gold, and the word Gat sounds like the Chinese word for luck. The tiny green leaves of this plant symbolise wealth as the word Luk (green) rhymes with the Chinese word for wealth. The shape of the small oranges is a symbol of unity and perfection.
Kumquat 朱沙桔

Kumquat 四季桔

Peony 牡丹
Peony 富貴牡丹
Peony 富貴牡丹

Dahlias 紫牡丹, 大利
Dahlias (Close) 紫牡丹
Dahlias 紫牡丹
Dahlias 大利

Narcissi (Waterlily) 水仙
Waterliliy 水仙
Waterliliy 水仙山

Chrysanthemums 菊花
Chrysanthemums 黃菊
Size in inch (pot): 9", 12" 

Chrysanthemums 黃菊
Size in inch (pot): 9", 12"