Christmas is coming !

Order on or before 28 November 2010 = 5% DISCOUNT
Old customers = EXTRA 5% DISCOUNT

   Christmas is coming. And now is the time to start thinking about that tree. For many families, the holiday wouldn't be complete without a cut natural tree gracing the living room.

   All our tree comes from USA where is well known for clean and fresh mountain air. The trees are much fresh. Actually, we also try our best to keep it fresh after arriving in Hong Kong. We will place them in a shady place for protecting from direct sunlight and will cut about 1-inch from the bottom of the trunk once arrived in Hong Kong. We water them at least 3 times a day and check the trees for keeping them in good condition. We would also cut the trunk once just before delivery.
   There are a wide variety of Christmas trees types available, each with a distinctive shape and color.  Noble Fir, Fraser Fir and Douglas Fir are among the most popular. Please see the descriptions and the sizes of them in the following pages.

   We are full service, and can net and deliver and place the tree right in the free tree stand at your home and help you to dispose of the tree after celebration.

   Come to enjoy a Real Tradition! Celebrate the holiday with a fresh Christmas tree.